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The word DUO is defined as the pairing of two items that are symbiotic, cohesive, and unified. Architecture is the art and science of building. Industrial design is the applied art and applied science of product. DUO Design is a full service architecture and industrial design firm located in Phoenix Arizona. Thriving in the face of adversity, the founding principals have vast and varied experience in design, planning and execution of every aspect of the built environment. 

DUO Design is the partnership of architecture + industrial design. This inspired not only the name of our design firm, but also the culture within the firm itself. We are architects, designers, paradigm shifters, researchers, critical thinkers, and experts in aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, and usability. We are always looking for that perfect duo of collaboration and trust. We specialize in truly listening to the needs of our clients and creating relationships.  

DUO Design is a strong company that is grounded in integrity. Our experience connects us to the established industry. Our vision takes us beyond. Where collaboration and trust lead, innovation follows.

Architectural Services:

  • Due diligence

  • City entitlement

  • Site planning

  • Master planning

  • Conceptual design

  • Tenant improvements             

  • Construction documentation

  • Project management

Design Services:

  • Research                        

  • Industrial Design

  • Engineering

  • User Experience

  • Concept Generation

  • User Interface

  • Prototyping

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Packaging


32 power, lifestyle, neighborhood, mixed-use centers
13 consumer products developed
3 patents pending
26 unbuilt projects
24 brand identity / rebranding projects
37,440 hours of site planning
12,465 hours of land use planning
43,345 hours of design
42 design review hearings
38 neighborhood meetings
12.5 site rezone hearings
8 general plan amendment hearings
19,575 hours of construction documentation
826,000,000 dollars in construction